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From the desk of John Erwin

Guess What!?

You can throw out all of your expensive diet pills and delivered meals. Fire your personal trainer and nutritionist. For a fraction of the cost of all of those things, you can become your own personal weight loss coach!

The fact is that most people who try to lose weight fail miserably. Either they lose a few pounds and then gain them all back, or they never seem to be able to get started on a plan that works for them.

They think losing weight should involve nothing more than avoiding pizza and soda for a few months and popping a few magic fat-burner pills. Then they get frustrated when the pounds don't disappear over night.

What they don't understand is that losing weight is simple, even if it is not easy! All you need is knowledge and an effective plan and you will be on your way to achieving your personal weight loss goals.

If you continue to take somebody else's weight loss advice and somebody else's magic pills and somebody else's pre-prepared food, you will probably continue to be disappointed in your weight loss efforts.

By taking ownership of your own destiny and designing your own weight loss and fitness program, you will already be heading down the road to success!

With the storehouse of information contained in the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program, you can start today on your road to becoming the fit and healthy person you always dreamed of being!


Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach!

You will notice that we do not insult you with any ridiculous "before and after" shots of people who lost twenty pounds and four inches from their bellies over night. Anybody can see that most of those are bogus come-ons trying to get you to part with your money.

HERE IS A HINT: If you want to instantly look twenty pounds lighter and a few inches smaller around the waist, simply do this: Stand sideways in front of your mirror and relax like you usually hold yourself. Notice the rounded shoulders, drooping neck, and protruding belly! Now stand up straight, throw your shoulders back, look straight ahead, and hold your belly in firmly with your abdomenal muscles.

VOILA! Is that really you standing there, or did Arnold or Carmen slip into your room?

So, to immediately look better and feel better, practice holding yourself in a better posture and imagine how confident you look as you start on your road to better weight and health.


Discover How to Create Your Own Fitness Plan

and Become Your Own Weight Loss Coach Today!


Learn the Four Pillars Of Weight Loss that you need as the foundation of your personal program. .

Destroy the myths of "willpower" and "forbidden foods".

Be surprised when you learn when is the best time of day to exercise!

Learn the nutrition facts that you need to design your own diet.

Discover how to lose weight/fat and improve your fitness by creating an amazing weight loss and fitness system tailored specifically for yourself!

The BECOME YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS COACH program is much more than just an instantly downloadable eBook!

We provide most of the information you need to get started in eBook (PDF file) format because that is the most efficient way to get the information to you so you can put it to use.

But, you will quickly see that our program has much more to offer!

After you buy the eBook, you will receive an invitation to join our exclusive no-cost "You Are Your Own Weight Loss Coach!" newsletter, which is available only to members of the program.

The newsletter is rich in fresh content and encouragement, giving you frequent weight loss and fitness tips, the latest information from weight loss research, tasty recipes, and more!

As a member of the program, you will also receive updates at no additional cost to the BECOME YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS COACH eBook, any time we publish a revised edition.

Our editors are constantly striving to make this program the best you can possibly find, so we want you to have instant access to every updated edition as the science of weight loss evolves!

So, join right now and get started!

Of course, you are wondering "Can this program possibly help ME lose the weight I want to lose?" We think it WILL help you lose weight, get fit, and improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

I don't like to promote anything I don't personally believe in, so I started my own personal weight loss and fitness program six weeks ago (since I am writing this in early August 2009) using my own personalized plan that I designed using the information in the program. In that time, I have lost five pounds towards my total weight loss goal of 22 pounds! At this rate, I will achieve my personal weight loss goal in only six months! Follow my progress at the I Am My Own Fat Loss Coach blog link below.

So, I give this program my enthusiastic endorsement, which is the main reason I am promoting it.



If you take what you learn from the BECOME YOUR OWN PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS COACH program and ACT on it in a consistent manner, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!

OK, How Much Does Joining the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach Program Cost?

(How about less than ten bucks?!!)

My editors and I have had intense discussions about this. I, of course, wanted to give this valuable information away to you for a pittance, but my editors thought you would have better results if you had a financial investment in your weight loss program.

They thought we should charge the equivalent of a few hours of professional nutrition or weight loss counseling time or what it would cost for three months worth of worthless magic diet pills.

They wanted to charge over $97 for the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program!

But, I talked them way down from that. I pointed out that we are all in this Great Recession together and we need to help each other out every chance we get. I told them that if we charged less for the program, you would be able to afford a little higher quality food for a month or two, or maybe a new pair of running shoes!

So, they reluctantly agreed to let me offer the Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach program for only $37 -- But, we all recognize how difficult the current economic times are, and we do not want ANYONE to lose out on the benefits of this program just because they can't justify the cost. So, until the Great Recession is clearly becoming a thing of the past, we are encouraging everyone to join at the rock bottom price of ZERO DOLLARS!. Yes, for free -- no hidden monthly charges or future payments of any kind! This is a limited time offer and it is only available from this web page. All you have to do is sign up in the form that will pop up in a few seconds. If the form has already popped up and you closed it without taking action, it is not too late! Just refresh this page and the form will come back in about sixty seconds.


Join now and start on the road to your perfect body this afternoon!

To Your Weight Loss Success,
John Erwin
Follow my personal weight loss and fitness progress at:
I Am My Own Fat Loss Coach Blog


P.S. Since this program includes an instantly downloadable eBook, you can join now and get started right away sculpting your perfect body!

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