How and Why To Help Your Spouse Stop Smoking

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The first thing you need to do to help a spouse stop smoking is to get him or her to actually believe it is necessary to stop. Youíve probably had the discussion a few times before and been disappointed by broken promises or lack of will power as the smoke clouds continue.

There are many good solid reasons you can give for the importance of throwing away those cigarettes and never lighting up again. Here are the top four:

1. The habit is disgusting and stinks. Harsh? Yes, but true. Have you looked closely at the face of a person as they smoke? Iím sure you have. Get your spouse to look closely at the face of another smoker as they are inhaling burning tobacco and paper and then filling the air around themselves with vile smoke. Notice the vacant, mindless expression of an addict on the smokerís face, the wrinkles that form around the eyes and lips that will eventually be permanent, and remember how long it takes to get the odor of stale smoke out of the smokerís clothes.

2. Your spouse may die of smoking. Die young. Die painfully. Die in a useless waste of life and opportunity. You know it. Your spouse knows it. How much intelligence is required to accept the fact that smoking causes emphysema, heart disease and cancer? Demand that your spouse read a chapter or two from the book ďHow We Die,Ē you know- the section on exactly how someone dies of cancer Ė before buying that next pack of death sticks.

3. Smoking robs youth and makes a person old before they need to be old. Smoking wrinkles and ages the skin, stains the teeth, saps the strength of the heart and lungs and decreases sexual drive. Oh, you didnít know that? Itís true. Men who smoke have lower levels of testosterone than non-smoking men of the same age and overall health. Tell your boyfriend or husband that if he continues to smoke, heíll have trouble getting it up. That should get his attention. Remind him when he opens the next pack of limp sticks. And, if itís your wife weíre talking about, point out to her that smoking makes it harder for her to have an orgasm. Do you and she want to argue over whether she would rather suck on burning tobacco than engage in more pleasurable activities with you?

4. Smoking is a stupid waste of money. Does your spouse smoke two packs a day? Have you pointed out that if a pack costs only $3 (and in some places the price is more like $4), that adds up to $2,190.00 in a year? What else could you and your spouse do with that money? Consider that over ten years, not counting interest, your spouse will have blown more than $20,000 after income taxes. Is that smart?

So, how do you stop smoking when youíve tried and failed before? You try again, but this time you try something more likely to work. Visit this link: Quit Smoking Now! It's Easier Than You Think! Good luck!

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