Stop Smoking and Starve an Over-Paid Tobacco Fat Cat

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Do you still smoke? What, you think itís cool or something? While most of your friends, relatives and even strangers think you look like an uneducated idiot with smoke coming out your nose, there is somebody who thinks you look very cool while you smokeóthe tobacco company executive you are enriching with every dollar you burn up in cancer-causing, teeth-staining smoke.Yes, thatís right. You are making tobacco executives rich because you havenít been able to break the addictive hold of tobacco on your life.

If you canít stop smoking because you are addicted, there is hope for you if you are willing to try something new: Click This Link To Learn to Stop Smoking Right Now! If you are still smoking because you think it makes you look cool, then you are just an idiot and nobody can do anything to help you until you grow up. If you arenít an idiot, keep reading for some valuable insight into why and how you should get rid of cigarettes for good.

Philip Morris International is one of the big tobacco companies. Youíve probably heard of them. Until recently, they were owned by a parent company called Altria. The Chairman and CEO of Philip Morris International, Mr. Louis Camilteri, had to take a cut in base salary as of January 30, 2008 when Altria launched Philip Morris as a stand-alone company.

Poor baby ó his salary dropped from $1,750,000 per year to only $1.5 million.

Damn, that must have hurt!

But, you are helping out the impoverished Mr. Camilteri more than you may realize. For the year 2007, this shining example of executive coolness was paid an annual incentive award of $4.75 million (that was 271% of his base salary), and also a long-term incentive payment of more than $5 million. Do you know why good old Mr. Camilteri was paid all this money on top of his barely-adequate base salary? BECAUSE YOU SMOKE!

Do you want to stop yet? If so, Click This Link To Quit Smoking This Afternoon! Compared to how much you spend each year on cigarettes, this is cheap. Really cheap. And, not a penny of the price goes into Mr. Camilteriís pockets.

Need more reasons to quit? Thereís another big tobacco company called British American Tobacco, or BAT for short. This company hides the exact amount of compensation it pays its executives in the many-paged annual report it issues. However, inquiring minds can come up with a pretty good minimum estimate. In 2007, BAT paid compensation to the members of its board of directors and its management board (a total of 21 hard-working executives) as a group, 25 million British pounds. That works out to about $50 million divided among this group of cool dudes who love the fact that you canít stop smoking.

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