Can These Acid Reflux Remedies Help You?

Do you have stomach problems that are making you miserable? Conditions like acid reflux disease can make your days long and your sleepless nights even longer. There are a lot of prescription medications available today for such conditions but many people prefer to avoid taking too many pills. Natural acid reflux remedies provide welcomed relief for many sufferers.

Acid reflux disease is a result of inflammation in the esophagus. The irritation is caused by liquid from the stomach working its way backwards into the esophagus. Many people call the symptom of this stomach problem "heartburn." This uncomfortable symptom has many of us running to stores looking for acid reflux remedies.


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Acid reflux remedies can alleviate the feelings of heartburn, which can feel like acid burning the throat, a sensation of choking or of something stuck deep in the chest. Some people experience acid reflux disease sysmptoms on a daily basis, and some report symptoms more sporadically, but usually in the night following a heavy meal or snacking on rich foods just before going to bed.

Prescription medications as acid reflux treatments are not always effective and can have very serious side effects, so it is best to try to manage the disease with other remedies before resorting to prescription drugs. Propulsid was a prescription acid reflux treatment that was taken off of the market after a number of deaths were linked to it. There are other prescription drugs available for treating acid reflux disease which appear to be safe and effective for many patients, so consult your physician about your individual situation.

Behavioral changes and natural remedies should be tried before resorting to prescription medications for acid reflux disease. Be aware of foods that cause digestive problems and cut them from your diet. Do not eat rich foods close to bedtime. Losing weight can result in profound improvements in many symptoms. Increase your intake of water throughout the day. Some people have reported that adding garlic to their diets reduces symptoms. If none of these natural acid reflux remedies help your condition, then it may be time to consult with medical professionals about your case.

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